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This website strives to comply with the guidelines set by The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). All pages on this site use structured semantic mark-up and validate as XHTML strict. Cascading Stylesheets are used for visual presentation.

Most browsers support jumping to specific links by typing keys defined on a website. With Windows-based browsers, you should be able to press and hold ALT + the relevant access key, followed by the return key (as listed below).

With Macintosh computers, press CONTROL + the access key required.

For Firefox press SHIFT + ALT + the access key required.

Access keys used on this site are:

  • Access key + 1 = Home Page
  • Access key + 2 = About
  • Access key + 3 = Gallery
  • Access key + 4 = Weddings
  • Access key + 5 = Links
  • Access key + 6 = Contact
  • Access key + A = Accessibility
  • Access key + S = Skip To Content
  • Access key + N = 'Name' input of the Contact Form

If you experience any problems while browsing the site please feel free to contact me for help.